Selling your damaged or scrap Car?

Are you considering selling your damaged or scrap car? Feel free to contact our buyers. For example by email, phone, or via the form below.

  • You will receive a competitive market price
  • Free collectionservice in Groningen, Drenthe, and Friesland
  • Free RDW deregistration
  • Reliable service with over 40 years of experience


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    How does selling my damaged car work?

    After you have offered your damaged or scrap car to Autodemontage Klaas Boer, one of our employees will respond as soon as possible with a market-based offer. To make an offer, we need information such as the license plate, any damages, missing parts and preferably some photos.

    It’s important that the damaged or scrap car is easily movable for collection. Otherwise, we cannot purchase your car. It is not necessary that the engine still works.


    The sales process

    When you accept our offer, an appointment will be made for the collection. On the agreed morning or afternoon, the driver will notify you 20 minutes before arrival.

    If you give the license plate and, preferably, the registration codes to the driver, we can deregister the car via the RDW system. This happens when the car arrives at our company. You will then receive the deregistration certificate by email. After deregistration, the tax authorities are automatically informed, and you can cancel your insurance with the deregistration certificate.

    Want to sell your damaged or scrap car and receive a non-binding offer? Then fill out the form above as completely as possible. Your price request is entirely without obligation.

    Or contact us by email ( or by phone (0595 43 33 30).




    Do you also buy cars with defects?

    We use the cars that we buy mainly for selling the parts that are still good. Cars of lower quality are used for metal recycling. For these two purposes, it doesn’t matter if your car has defects. Even major defects such as a broken engine, leaking head gasket, flat tires, a broken air conditioner or oil leakage are no problem. And scrap cars with water or fire damage are interesting for us to.

    It is important that the car is still movable. Otherwise, the driver cannot pull the car onto the truck. Issues like flat tires are no problem. Non-movable cars can be of interest if they are brought to us. We can collect scrap cars from the three northern provinces of the Netherlands.

    So, do you want to sell a cheap car, a broken car, or a scrap car? Then feel free to contact us. Per example by email ( or by phone (0595 43 33 30).




    Will I receive the sales price in cash or by bank transfer?

    Nowadays, we mainly work with bank transfers. This turns out to be more practical and safer. After your car is collected and has arrived at our location, the purchase amount will be transferred to you by bank. This usually appears in your account the same day.

    Before your scrap car is collected, you will receive a purchase statement by email. This provides proof that we have bought the car from you.


    How is the car transferred or deregistered?

    The car will need to be transferred from your name to our name. This can now be easily done via the RDW online system. When the car is collected from you, we will deregister the car. This means the car is no longer registered in your name. As proof, you will receive the deregistration certificate by email on the same day. You can use this document to cancel your car insurance.

    Certain information is needed for deregistration. Therefore, we preferably receive the license plate and the registration code. This consists of two parts; a part with four digits and a part with five digits. Each part is on a separate paper that you receive by post from the RDW.

    Are you missing one of the documents? It is still possible for us to deregister your car. No costs are charged for the transfer.


    Do I need to be present at the collection?

    We collect cars on weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00. If it is difficult for you to be present during the day, a solution can be agreed upon in consultation. This way, the car can still be collected during the day. In most cases, a suitable solution can be agreed.

    The driver will call 30 minutes before arrival. At that moment, you can additionally indicate that you will not be present and where the car is located. When the car arrives here, it will be deregistered and the purchase amount will be transferred.





    How long have you been buying damaged and scrap cars?

    Autodemontage Klaas Boer has been around for over 40 years. Initially from the small hamlet of ‘t Lage van de Weg but mainly from the northern Groningse village of Uithuizen. Meanwhile, we buy an average of 60 cheap cars per week. These are purchased at market prices and collected free of charge from customers. The cars are then used for the sale of good used car parts and for metal recycling. Due to our extensive experience, we have increasingly focused on quality.

    Customer experiences can be read on Google Reviews. Despite the satisfaction of most customers, we continue to look for ways to improve our service.

    Additionally, we are affiliated with ARN, the trade association for car recycling in the Netherlands. We also meet the highest requirements of KZD, the quality mark for the car dismantling industry.


    Also purchasing electric damaged cars

    We are fully engaged with the future. Not only with environmentally conscious work but also with the transition to electric vehicles. Several employees have now completed a course to enable the proper and safe dismantling of electric cars. The various parts can then be recycled as efficiently as possible. Among other things, the battery packs can largely be reused.

    So do you have an electric car with damage or defects for sale? Feel free to contact us.


    Also purchasing stranded scrap cars

    Are you unfortunately stranded on the road with your car? We can also buy your car in that case. We do not offer emergency services but can collect cars within a few days. Even from a safe location where you are stranded, such as parking lots and gas stations.

    Thanks to the winches on our trucks, we can pull stranded cars onto the trucks. We do not have cranes on the trucks, so lifting the cars is unfortunately not possible. Therefore, it is often not possible to collect a stranded car that is, for example, in a ditch.

    Do you want to have a stranded car collected urgently? Then you could have the car collected by a recovery company. They could then drop off the car at our location. This way, you have a quick collection service but also a good compensation for the car.




    What does it cost to hand in a scrap car?

    We are often asked what it costs to hand in a scrap car. But also, what the collection of the car costs. The answer is simple; it costs nothing. We even offer you a good market price for a damaged or scrap car. For a complete car, you can get at least 200 euros from us. But this amount can also be higher. How much your car yields depends on factors such as the model of the car, the condition of the vehicle (damage/defects) and its age.

    Small parts may be missing, but the car must otherwise be largely complete. When valuable parts are missing such as the catalytic converter, battery or rims, we can no longer offer you the minimum amount. Light damage or broken parts usually do not affect the price. And the lack of a valid MOT inspection is also not a problem.

    No costs are charged for collection. This collection service is offered free of charge throughout northern Netherlands. Finally, no costs are charged for deregistering the car with the RDW.


    You can request a non-binding price via the form above. You can also email ( or call (0595 43 33 30) us for more information.